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All information and data is provided in good faith from indormation provided to us.

Download and use of data from this site is however not warranted and remains the responsibility of the provider of data and the recipient of data. We can accept no responsibility whatsoever for any innacuracy or misuse; and use or interpretation of any data from this site or any downloads obtained from this site is on the understanding that it accepts these conditions.



a                     managed service

Service Sponsors

A brief explanation about the eCall service

and the eSafety eCall Data Registry.
Debunk the myths

To submit a new enty to the eCall Data Registry

you need to:

a) Be a subscriber to the enhanced eCall Data Registy Service

b) Where appropriate pay an additional registration fee of €200 per entry (GOLD Sponsors may register up to 10 data concepts per annum without additional fee)

Download the current version of the 

eSafety (eCall) Registered Data

A Free-of-charge service for assistance providers and infomation providers

HGV eCall

Learn how this sevice provision works

Managing ADR (Dangerous Goods

Learn how this service provision may work in the near future



eCall for motor bikes and Mopeds

eCall for cyclists

eCall for disadavantaged road users

Learn how to become a sponsor of the eCall Data Registry and help to keep the emergency services provideded with up-to-date eCall data and help to save lives and mitigate injury

eCall Data Registry Service  subscribers are automatically provided every update as soon as it is registered

Subscribers receive all eCall/eSafety Data Registry definitions and ASN.1 scripts delivered to them

Stay on top the easy way.... be a subscriber

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